Is Professional Home Staging Worth the Cost?

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In the Real estate market, Home Staging has become a “MUST DO” for home sellers. Up to 77% of buyer’s agents say that home staging makes it easier for prospective buyers to visualize the listing as a HOME.  So is professional home staging worth the cost? According to industry analysis, staged homes sell faster and for more money than vacant listings.• Home staging is furnishing and accessorizing of a vacant listing that is for sale in the real estate market.• Staging proponents say that this can increase a home’s selling price and help it to sell faster because it enables prospective buyers to imagine how they can use the livable space.• This marketing tool comes at a cost, however:  you will have to pay the stager as well as pay for the rental of the furnishings if the staging company uses rented inventory.   If you chose a staging company that owns all of their inventory this monthly rental fee can be reduced or completely eliminated.   

Professional Staging Goals 

The goal of a good stager is to draw on some of the fundamentals of interior design in order to accentuate the perfect visual presentation for the home.  The object is to flatter the properties’ strengths without being too obvious about it.  “Marketing 101,” says “presentation, presentation, presentation.”  This helps buyers imagine themselves living in the home and turns weird spaces into usable spaces in their minds.  A well-staged home creates a certain mood and a “WOW” factor that even makes the home look much better in photos.  This will increase the number of showings the home gets while decreasing the days on market. 

Some Benefits of Staging 

While staging has only become prominent recently, it is a must if you want to compete with your competition in the market.  20 years ago giving your home a good scrubbing and hiding the kitty litter was considered enough before putting your “For Sale” sign out.  Today more and more sellers are enlisting the services of home stagers.  This makes it very likely that you will be competing with staged homes on the MLS pics and the showings in your area.  Also, the huge ratings that HGTV shows are getting today translates to higher expectations of buyers. A staggering number of house shoppers are using the internet to search for their next home.  95%, according to a National Association of Realtors (NAR) report.  This means that your pics had better “POP” really well online.  

Staging and using professional photos can help you do this. Time on Market, how Staging can Help According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) reports, homes that had not been staged before listing sat on the market on average of 143 days.  Once these listings were staged, they sold in 40 days, on average.  Homes that were staged before they were listed averaged 23 days on market (DOM). When you calculate mortgage payments, carrying costs, etc. for this additional time on the market it is clear that the benefits of staging your home is well worth the cost. Sale Price and Staging According to the NAR report, 58% of listing agents believe that buyers offer more money for staged homes. The numbers break down as follows; 29% think the offers are 1 to 5 percent more, 21% think the offers are 6 to 10 percent more, and 3% put the increase as high as 20 percent more in the offer price.   The Cost of Staging This is definitely one of the “it depends” categories.  Because of the number of variables, it is not possible to put an exact price tag on a staging without finding out some more details.  Location, total square footage, list price, as well as number of rooms staged all must be factored into the price of your staging.  The cost will also be affected by furniture rental fees and the number of days the house is staged if you are working with a company that rents their inventory.  Companies that own a warehouse of furniture, art and accessories can offer their staging at a flat rate, one-time fee. 

Is Professional Home Staging Worth the Cost?
Is professional home staging worth the cost? YES!

The Bottom Line-Home Staging Dallas TX

The cost of hiring a professional staging company with sound design sense and who comes well-recommended can mean money in the bank for you.  If staging your home helps it sell faster and keeps it from being on the market so long that people start wondering “what’s wrong with it?”; if it saves you a month or more of carrying costs; if it creates the number of showings and offers that starts a bidding war then your money is well spent.  The average cost of a complete vacant staging is usually less than your first price reduction!! Is Professional Home Staging Worth the Cost? Snapdragon Staging thinks yes! For more information please follow Home Staging Dallas TX.